Tuesday, October 13, 2009

No more...

Today was the last day of Maternity. Just as we were getting comfortable with the unit and the topics, we're done. My instructor decided that today we would just do our presentations and go home. Too bad it was my day to go to the nursery and play with babies. Awesome.

Thinking back on the whole thing just kind of makes me wince a little bit. More than half the time there were no patients, but when there were, we weren't allowed to do much with them. No giving meds, doing assessments, starting IVs, or anything else for that matter. Either the nurses didn't want us to do any skills or the patient didn't want us to do it. That and every thinking process I had was wrong because none of the patients were sick, they were just giving birth.

Everything is different in Maternity. They don't use the same abbreviations. They have strange flow sheets and charting. They only have 1 or 2 patients. They are really open about talking about their vaginas, poop, sex lives, etc. It's a whole other world in there that I'm pretty sure I don't want to be a part of.

Also, is it just me or are L&D nurses extremely opinionated?

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