Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Piss and Vinegar.

There are few things in this world that are more awful than orientation. Humans just aren't built for a whole day of lecture. It's not right.

So far, we have had five orientations since the beginning of nursing school in Fall of 2008. I remember the first one. The instructor assigned to lecture our class would trail off about her daughter's (Star Wars themed) wedding. This was for three straight days. Gag me with a blender.

This past orientation wasn't much better. We had a two hour lecture on child abuse today, complete with pictures. It was necessary, but really, really sad. Then we had a hour about what we talked about yesterday, school and community health. 30 minutes with the PICC team, 30 minutes with child life, and then 2 hours reviewing skills. It made me want to cry, honestly.

I really hope the pedi rotation is better than maternity. I am still awaiting my evaluation for that class. I hope I did well, because I feel like I really busted my ass trying to look busy all the time. I felt totally shortchanged and left out by that clinical. Other people saw multiple c sections, vaginal births, and interesting post partum patients. Not to mention they actually got to go to the nursery to bathe and play with babies. My turn comes and all of the sudden we're going home early. I'm not bitter or anything.

Sorry this is a huge rant. I'm just sort of pissed about nursing school in general.

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