Monday, September 21, 2009

Labor and Delivery

So far, Labor and Delivery has pretty much been a big snore. I have had exactly one patient who almost gave birth. The other few days have been filled with stories and explanations and endless amounts of droning about the finer points of L&D. I mean, it's not the instructor's fault that there were no patients the last two days in labor. However, wouldn't some sort of plan in case of this very situation comes up be extremely helpful? I think so.

I'm pretty sure L&D isn't my thing. It's a lot of waiting and watching. And vagina tearing. Being in lecture makes me cringe and squirm in my seat sometimes from all we talk about. It's not pleasant.

I hope it gets better soon. I don't want to be doomed to another few weeks of hating 2/7 of my week!

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