Sunday, April 26, 2009


Tomorrow I'm taking three patients on the Med/Surg floor at clinical. Can I handle it? I think so. Here's the lineup:

1. Lady I've Had Before. LIHB is pretty easy. She's got scheduled 'round the clock pain meds and IV antibiotics and a PICC line. Shouldn't be too hard just as long as she doesn't have another anxiety attack. Bring it on, LIHB.
2. Conversion Disorder Dude. The docs aren't quite sure what's going on with him. He came in for chest pain, but the EKG was negative. Now he's on a suicide watch. I love the built in babysitters! Easy meds and I will get to practice my Spanish. Oh, and don't forget, no silverware.
3. Dentures Lady. I walked in to introduce myself to DL and she said "There's something rather important that I forgot as we were heading out to go the hospital." I had no idea I would end up running over to HEB with her five dollars to buy denture glue. She should be pretty all right, she's just a little pathetic with her knee replacement and CHF. If denture glue will make DL happy, then gosh darn it, I will oblige her.

How does that sound? It can't get any worse than last week when I had Homeless Apple Cider Vinegar Dude. But that's a different story for a different time.


Andrew O'Toole said...

That should be tough, but I bet you can handle it. It seems like one or two patients doesn't challenge you enough. Good luck!

Andrew O'Toole said...

I want to know how three patients went!